Frequently Asked Questions

Applications are looked at on an individual basis, please contact us to discuss your circumstances.

  1. What is the Journalists’ Charity and what do you do?
    We are a charity that provides practical and financial support to journalists. For more information about the Journalists’ Charity, please visit About Us.
  2. Who do you help?
    We are here for journalists, former journalists and their dependants who, because of sickness, accident or other unforeseen circumstances, need help.
  3. What sort of help do you give?
    The kind of help depends on individual circumstances and falls into two categories:

    • Retirement Housing and homes. Please see our How We Can Help pages.
    • Financial help.
    • Help can be in the form of a regular financial support or a one-off cash grant.
    • Our aim is to give financial support in times of need however we cannot subsidise those who, in the long term, find it difficult to make a living from journalism unless through illness or other misfortune. Nor do we offer grants to subsidise an existing lifestyle.
  4. Do you help with holidays?
    Unfortunately, we do not normally pay for holidays, however we may be able to help with a convalescence or respite break.
  5. Can you help with school, college or university fees?
    We are only able to help with these in exceptional circumstances.
  6. Do you help with bankruptcy charges and funeral costs?
    Requests are considered on an individual basis, based on need. In the case of bankruptcy we would expect you to have received advice from a debt counselling service.
  7. Can you help with medical fees?
    Only in exceptional circumstances.
  8. Do you help with care home top-up fees?
    As we have our own care home, this is unlikely, but each case is assessed on its merits.
  9. How much can I claim?
    Every case is looked at on the basis of need.
  10. Is there any age restriction?
    There are no age restrictions.
  11. Will my savings be taken into consideration?
    Yes, however your individual circumstances will be looked at.
  12. Must I claim state benefits to get help?
    The charity will not provide any help that is available through the state and we will encourage you to claim anything you are entitled to.
  13. Can I get help to pay debts?
    We do not help with credit card debt or bank loans, however we would encourage and support debt advice through government agencies or charitable organisations.
  14. Can I get help with Legal fees or fines?
    We are not able to help with legal costs or fines.
  15. Can I have a loan?
    We do not offer loans.
  16. How do I make contact with the Journalists’ Charity?
    To make an initial enquiry, please complete the Contact Us form or contact us by email at or telephone 01306 88711.
  17. After initial contact with the Journalists’ Charity, what happens?
    We will send you an application form and discuss with you how we maybe able to help.
  18. If my application is accepted, how long will it take before I begin to receive help?
    The process can take between two and six weeks, this depends on the date of the next meeting of the Council (Trustees), the completeness of the information you provide and the complexity of your request.
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