How we can help

Financial Support

One-off Grants

Funds are available for those who have found themselves in urgent need including those suffering ill-health, accident victims, and those without work – for whatever reason.

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Regular Payments

Grants are available on a weekly or monthly basis to help those with a longer-term need.

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Retirement and Care Homessheltered-housingRibblesdale

Sheltered Housing

Ribblesdale is the Journalists’ Charity sheltered housing complex in Dorking with eight bungalows and 15 flats.

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Extra care

We have five extra care flats in Harmsworth House in Dorking which are available to rent for those in need of personal care but who would like to retain the independence of their own home.

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Nursing and Personal Care

Pickering House, opened in 2007, provides nursing and personal care to 20 residents aged 65 and over, eight of whom may have a diagnosis of dementia. Residents are encouraged to maintain their independence, within their physical or mental limitations.

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Anna Botting reports on our work – click here to see video.

Who is eligible?

Financial help may be offered to journalists who are or who have been involved in that profession as their principal occupation for at least two years and also to their dependants. See Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply

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