Financial Help

“It’s not just the funds, but also the moral support and the confirmation that there is hope – and people like you who are willing to help people like me in desperate and dire times.”

Letter from grant recipient

From a leaky roof to helping loved ones through treatment, the Journalists’ Charity is here to help.

We provide a safety net for former colleagues and their families when they need it most. The onset of a debilitating condition, a terminal illness, a bereavement, an inability to find employment, a sick child are just a few of the triggers that can set a train of events leading to financial as well as emotional hardship.

Often a small amount of financial aid at a critical time can improve the quality of  life. It may be funds to pay for a funeral, a bill that has to be paid, a wheelchair that needs replacing, or it could be a small regular grant.

We help all journalists including those who meet the criteria but have left journalism.

Our aim is to give financial support to meet a need rather than preserve a particular lifestyle and we cannot subsidise those who, in the longer term, find it difficult to make a living from journalism unless through illness or other misfortune.

For further details, please contact the office on 01306 887511 or by email


Faisal Islam
Julie Etchingham
Anna Botting
Alastair Campbell
Huw Edwards
Richard Littlejohn