How We Have Helped

Some examples of how we have helped:

The Journalists’ Charity supports  journalists and their dependants who, for many reasons, have fallen on difficult times. Each year we spend about £350,000 helping people who were in desperate straits. No two cases are the same and each application is treated on its merits. Below are just a few examples of those we have helped in recent months. Obviously, we have changed the names because we guarantee anonymity to those who come to us.

A little help can make a lot of difference. Here are quotes from just some of those the Journalists’ Charity has helped in recent times:

“I don’t know how I would manage without you. A million thank yous.”

 “Your support has taken away my own private stress of wondering how on earth to get through the next few months – and I am more grateful than I can say.”

 “Many thanks…for your continued support. When I see reports of what is happening re homelessness etc, I know I would be there if it wasn’t for your continued help.”

“Your continued support through the endless struggle to find a cure for my illness and get back on my feet means everything to me – without it I could not survive.”

Three years ago, at the age of 47, Angela had to give up her job for health reasons. She is currently in remission and is slowly returning to work with a few casual shifts as a sub-editor. She has been managing on a combination of benefits but has built up gas and electricity arrears. Her boiler is broken and she has no heating or hot water. She doesn’t have enough money to pay the bills or repair the boiler. A grant of £1,450 will clear the arrears and pay for the boiler to be fixed.

“It’s not just the funds, but also the moral support and confirmation that there is hope – and people like you who are willing to help people like me in desperate and dire times”Angela

Robert is 64 and a full-time carer for his wife. Her consultant feels a hydrotherapy bath would help ease the chronic pain that she suffers. Using friends, they can install the bath for £1,867. They have no savings and limited income.

‘Thank you for the help and support you have shown me and my wife. Thank you for the compassion and kindness you have offered me during a difficult period in my life.’ Robert


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