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David Ilott, left, his wife Christine, and Ramsay Smith, chairman of the charity trustees.

Friday / 29 March / 2019

David IIott retires as Director of our Charity

David joined the charity as Deputy Director on 25th March 1997 and upon the retirement of Peter Evans, the then Director, took over as Director and Secretary effective in January 2000.

There have been a number of significant changes to the law surrounding charities during this time and as well as the public perception of many of them. Most significant of these was the Charities Act 2006, the implications of which continue to exercise the charity sector.  David added

”There have been some challenging times but also times of amusement over incidents that have happened. Overall there is the sense of being part of an organisation that helps those who calls upon it for help and the changes this makes for the good of those we are able to help. Thanks to all who make this possible. After 22 years I will miss all of this as I enter into retirement.”

Ramsay Smith, chairman of the trustees of the charity, said : “David has made an outstanding contribution to the charity as director. Everyone who is involved in the charity has – over the years – valued his sage advice and steady hand on the tiller. David is retiring with our warmest wishes and deep gratitude and we all hope he enjoys many happy years of retirement. We are also delighted to make David and Honorary Vice President of the Journalists’ Charity in recognition of his service.”

James Brindle will take over as Chief Executive on April 1, 2019


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