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Friday / 18 May / 2018

Peter Sands wins Regional Press Journalists’ Charity Special Award

The recipient ofpeter-sands-e1308569326895 this year’s Journalists’ Charity award is responsible for spring-boarding thousands of journalists’ careers. Peter Sands has trained, mentored and supported young people  for 20 years, creating journalists with standards of excellence fit for any newsroom.

Some of you will have started your career under his expert guidance and know first-hand just what a force for good he is in the world of journalism.  Others will have worked with him when he was editorial director of Local World and Northcliffe, or when he was editor of The Northern Echo. As editors, some of you will have taken his protégés under your wing for a few months.

He is the trainer par excellence. Many City University masters students have remarked that they learned more in a month under him than they did in a year at university. They were not being rude about one of the best courses in the country – just using it as a measure of his skills.

Peter Sands has the rare ability of combining demanding exacting standards and a zero tolerance to mistakes with enormous compassion. He never makes any of his students feel stupid, just that they have to try harder.

Nor does the mentoring stop when the course ends. He remains in touch with many of them and is ready to give advice when asked. He is always very proud when one of his protégés wins an award – as many of them do.

He is a man of integrity, and at a time when journalism is under scrutiny, he provides a solid foundation for those entering our trade that stays with them forever.

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