Charitable Status

The Journalists’ Charity is the working name of the Newspaper Press Fund and is a registered charity in England and Wales (208214) and in Scotland (SC042405)

The charity operates within the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

The principal office of the charity Dickens House is: Dickens House, 35 Wathen Road, Dorking, Surrey RH4 1JY.

All trustees are journalists who work or have worked in various forms of journalism
• Newspapers and magazines
• Television and radio news
• Online
• Training and public relations

The governance of the Journalists’ Charity is vested in its council, which consists of chairman, treasurer, 18 ordinary members and up to three co-opted members. The members of council act as trustees of the charity and are journalists who are elected at the annual general meeting by members of the charity.

Each year one-third of the ordinary members of council retire from office at the annual general meeting and the vacancies are filled by election.

The current trustees are:
Ramsay Smith – Chairman

Chris Boffey – Treasurer
Anna Botting

John Crowley
Rob Gibson
Bill Hagerty
Derek Inman
Jill James
Nicholas Jones
Paul Jones
Ray Massey
Jean Morgan ( honorary)
William Newman
Elis Owen

Jill Palmer
Cat Reid

Sue Ryan
Richard Savill
Stephen Somerville
Laurie Upshon
Mike Watson

A number of members act on behalf of the charity across the country. We are grateful to those who have volunteered to meet and give advice on those who ask for us for help. We are also grateful for the dedicated work done by those regional committees in Birmingham, Glasgow, Wales and Wessex who organise events, raise money and seek to increase the profile of the charity in their area.

Derek Inman is chairman of the West Midlands District. Gerry Armes is honorary life president and also treasurer.

Tim Rogers is chairman, John Curzon is secretary and Julie Kissick is treasurer.

Ian Murray, Robin Britton.


Andrew Harries


David Livingstone
Anna Botting
Richard Littlejohn
Alastair Campbell
Nick Robinson
Julie Etchingham